I Thought Of You Today

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Hi there my friend,

I thought of you today;

yes, in oh so many ways.

I thought of your smile;

held it in my hands for awhile.

It is like a breathe of sunshine

that just lights up my day.


Thinking of you the way I do,

all the good times we've had together;

sunshine, rain, and snow,

sharing them no matter the weather.


Just can't seem to let you go,

and be lost in the past;

you are the kind of friend,

that in a lifetime will last.


What a joy it is to know

the goodness of a friend's heart,

so graced to be blessed

by love's greatest art;

so grateful to God

that He sent you my way.

Just wanted you to know,

that I thought of you Today!


       Written by: Steve A. Politte

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سلام عزیزممممممممممممممممممم. خووبی خانووم. وبلاگت خوشگله... هم قالبش . هم نوشته هات ... عالیه . امیدوارم همیشه موفق باشی مهدیه جوونم. [بغل]


my dear sister, your blog is great, congratulation, your written text are good but that is better to wirte from your side , we are waiting to see yours... boooooosssssssssssss


هانیه !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!